What Is Security As A Service

What is Security As A Service

Security As A Service is a commitment-free monthly subscription that puts our super smart engineers’ 20 years of experience behind your cyberdefenses. We deploy the most up-to-date technologies & services to make your network smarter, faster, & more secure. With access to appliances that grow when you grow, there’s no more reason to fear the future. Our service is customizable, extensible, & designed to keep you from wasting your investment on products you don’t need! And for most organizations, Security as a Service is drastically cheaper than maintaining comparable levels of security in-house.

As jaw-dropping headlines shock the world with each new data breach, organizations both large and small can no longer hide from the gremlins of network security. Unfortunately, this often means repurposing your entire IT team to act as part-time network administrators regardless of their expertise or existing workload. Security As A Service offers organizations the means to deploy a dedicated, qualified cyber security team without incurring the hefty payroll burden of in-house hires.

Why Security As A Service?

Eliminate Upfront Costs & Commitments

We provide the hardware, licenses, and expertise to secure your network and we do it all without long-term contracts. Our services are offered on a month-to-month subscription basis. The expenses of cyber security equipment are spread across the length of your service, alleviating otherwise prohibitive upfront costs that many organizations struggle to meet.

Buck the Labor Shortage

According to research published by Cybersecurity Ventures, 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs will remain unfilled by 2021. Unemployment rates for cybersecurity specialists will remain at 0% over the next 5 years. Even large enterprises are struggling to track down qualified cybersecurity professionals as the undeniable dearth of talent deepens. Fortunately, Techvisity is home to a large team of network engineers and administrators with over two decades of experience under one roof.

Deploy Technical Superiority

There’s an adage gaining popularity in the tech world: “everyone on the IT team works in cybersecurity.” While the sentiment is well-intentioned, threat actors are not deterred by participation trophies. Techvisity has a saying too: cybersecurity is hard. Organizations should not gamble the integrity of proprietary data by relying on everyone pitching in here and there in their spare time. Why trust your customers’ confidential data in the hands of a generalized “we sell everything IT” store? Would you get your Maserati serviced by the amateur grease monkey down the road or would you take it to be serviced by a devoted Maserati technician?

Our engineering team is dedicated full-time to combating the most advanced security threats. It’s been our focus over the last twenty years and it will remain our focus for the next twenty. A lot of managed service providers promise that they’ll keep you up to date with the latest security strategies; Techvisity actively developes those strategies.

Quit relying on reactive network security. It’s time to get proactive.

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