Techvisity provides convenient, long-term managed security solutions to businesses of all shapes & sizes, with a touch of personalization that guarantees ideal resolutions to the unique needs of our clients. Through custom configuration, one-on-one consultation, & security suite options designed for versatility, Techvisity strives to help businesses in Indiana, the Midwest, the United States, & beyond with securing their data so that they can get back to doing what they’re passionate about.

Get secure. Stay secure. And get back to business.

Our Mission

Techvisity and its parent company,, have championed network security solutions for over two decades. Through a varied catalog of services, Techvisity has helped to shape secure, efficient network designs and implemented advanced threat protection for customers spanning the healthcare, manufacturing, financial, & education sectors. Through close partnerships with leading Internet security manufacturers, Techvisity is able to offer reliable and cost-effective security solutions that save time & money compared to traditional security strategies.

At our Indianapolis Security Operations Center (SOC), our team of cybersecurity experts work day and night to master the craft of securing business networks. Whether you're an enterprise or a SMB, Techvisity is the Managed Security Service Provider or MSSP best suited to stand watch over your data. Say goodnight to ransomware. Kiss malware bye-bye. Our managed security solutions kick even the most advanced Internet security threats to the curb.

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