Our bread & butter, where it all started. Home of Capture ATP & Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection. SonicWall is one of the most well-established names in network security with a track record stretching back decades. Their innovative services & reliable hardware make SonicWall a best seller in both our products & services divisions.


Innovation. Creativity. Technical prowess. We love Sophos because they’re your buddy that wins the science fair every year & will probably invent personal jetpacks one day. With a slew of awards for their cutting-edge technical releases, Sophos is a company making huge waves in the world of cyber security. With powerhouses like Intercept X, Sophos Centrals, & the XG Firewall series, a network running Sophos protection is in great hands.


The workhorse of UTM is here and ready to carry your network no matter how many services, licenses, or users you throw at it. WatchGuard is known for performing well under pressure and is ideal for organizations that are looking to ditch the “security or performance” balancing act. WatchGuard offers powerful next-gen firewalls in the XTM series, ruggedized firewalls for dedicated outdoor use, & reputation-based threat prevention.

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