The Latest Network Security Resources

Check out these white papers, case studies, brochures, & more covering a variety of topics, created by & our friends at Sophos & SonicWall:

Professional Service Brochures:

Managed Service Brochure – Learn about our discovery process, network diagnostics, 99-Step configuration checklist, & more.

Configuration Service Brochure – Ready to leave the legwork to someone else? Check out how our professional services team has the top-tier certifications to keep your network fast & secure.

Security As A Service Brochure – Need a whole security infrastructure built fast? We’ll pick the box, the services, & the setup you need, then we’ll monitor & mitigate any threats.

Architect Solutions Series:

PCI DSS Compliance – Retailers, check out how you can quickly & easily meet paycard regulation requirements.

MultiTenant Networking – Property owners can leverage their network to bring in a little extra revenue while thrilling tenants with property-level security.

Secure Remote Access – VPN tunnels between your home office & satellite offices are enticing bait for bad guys. We can show you how secure, effecient tunnels keeps your data safe in transit across the web.

High Availability – Stuff happens. That doesn’t mean your business has to grind to a halt. With high availability firewalls in place, you’ll never lose a moment of productivity.

Buyers Guide:

2018 SonicWall Firewall Buyers’ Guide – Need a SonicWall appliance but not sure where to start? Our buyers’ guide for 2018 is here to help you choose the right fit for your network.

Case Studies & White Papers:

Machine Learning in Cyber Security – Time to demystify the buzzwords. This Sophos white paper outlines advances in machine learning and its application in the world of network security.

Don’t Take the Bait – Phishing attacks have seen a cataclysmic rise in both frequency and success rate. Sophos dissects the anatomy of a phishing attack and helps you stay safe in your inbox.

Getting Started With Enterprise Mobility Management – Does your organization have a BYOD policy in place? Mobile devices are a common sighting in the business world, but how can we secure them?

Prevent Security Breaches – 60% of organizations that experience a data breach go out of business within 6 months. Protect your livelihood by knowing the best practices for avoiding a breach.

Synchronized App Control – The application layer is where the bulk of your cyber security work lives. Take back both visibility and control of your users and their applications!

Making Smarter Mobile Security Decisions – This SonicWall white paper goes into depth exploring the dangers of mobile threats and the steps organizations can follow to ensure they avoid the pitfalls!

Techvisity Empowers Customers with Security As A Service This case study demonstrates how Security As A Service offered by Techvisity grants a greater degree of control, versatility, and security to our customers.

Managed Service Providers This article looks into the unique power made possible by a Techvisity & SonicWall partnership. When the masters of security hardware team up with service gurus, customers win every time.


Site Loading Speed Guide – Learn how the services and hardware you’re running affects the loading speed of your site & how site load speed impacts your customers & bottom line.

Network Security Glossary – Confused about cyber security slang? We can identify the acronyms and jargon that makes up the network admins’ lexicon.

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